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It is our duty as responsible EarthParent to ensure that our Children will still be able to enjoy some real unspoiled open spaces where Nature is King. This kind of responsibility should not be left in the hands of Government, which are re-elected every few years, but most be privately owned and administer by responsible Trustees who should serve without remuneration of any kind.
There is only one such Country left on this Planet with large totally unspoiled areas some larger than the United Kingdom, with abundance of clean water and air, free from pollution and only a handful of people, featuring some of the nicest terrain imaginable from semi desert to full lush tropics, including one of the worlds largest temperate Rainforest and very important, a stable responsible government structure. You have guessed right Australia is the only one such country left.
The UE Foundation has located an area the larger then size of Germany that is ideally suited for such an undertaking and now needs your help to find sufficient donations to make this dream a reality for the sake of our Children and their children. What is proposed is to set up the worlds largest and most unique Nature Reserve, “The ??? National Park" with a climatic range from dessert to tropical and the most varied terrain in between.  A Private Reserve that will host specially selected Animals from around the globe.
Just for a moment wildly imagine an area larger then Germany becoming the home to specially selected rare animals, such as the Dessert Elephants (only 100 left on Earth) Ostrich, Rhino's, Zebra's, Giraffe, Bison & Lions etc. for the semi Desserts and plains, Tigers, Tapir and Leopard etc. for the Rainforests, it will also become one of the biggest tourist attraction imaginable in the world.  Initial cost around US$3 billion.

Australia historically lends itself to such a cosmopolitan array of animals from all over the world. Only 200 years ago the only living things in Australia where Aboriginals and native animals, its plain to see how that has changed dramatically in such a relatively short time span.

We have the necessary expertise and connections to the worlds greatest Naturalists to assure that only those species are selected which are able to become part and enhance the local eco system without any detrimental effects to it.

Suitable, specially selected wild endangered animals from around the world would gradually replace most of the existing none native Cattle in the region.  Australia's Camels, Donkeys, Lions & Tigers in small southern Safari Parks, have proved that Australia's climate is highly suitable to African and other none native animals and those thrive there. 

Apart from doing something of great significants, it will also become a commercially viable venture, by eventually being able export animals to re-stock other Nature Parks around the world with genetically strong animals.

“The ??? National Park" will be owned and run by an independent Park Organization.

Male Lion Young Dessert Elephants Bison

Zebra Siberian Tiger Giraffe

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